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Affordable Dental Implants: What’s the Reality about Them?

Affordable Dental Implants: What’s the Reality about Them?

Aug 09, 2021

Have you been viewing advertisements promoting affordable dental implants for merely $ 1000 or $ 1500, making you believe it is the right time to replace your missing teeth? You are probably excited about the promotion but don’t realize the entire story. Let us give you some examples of why your excitement is unfounded.

As an individual with missing teeth, we understand you are going through a challenging phase of your life with the embarrassment and discomfort of smiling or eating in public. Your quality of life and self-confidence are impacted, making you feel socially isolated.

Dental implants and present-day dental technology can transform your life by restoring your appearance, comfort, speech, the ability to chew correctly, and self-esteem. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone shrinks, affecting your smile and changing the appearance of your face making you look prematurely aged. It is to prevent continuous bone resorption that dental implants are considered the new standard of care for tooth replacement.

Dental implants integrate with your jawbone and provide stability needed by dentures, crowns, bridges, or the all on 4 implants missing from the costs advertised by the promoter.

The costs of preparation for the implant, including extractions, bone grafts, treating infections, are also essential before implant placement. Bear in mind that any procedures besides the CBCT scan and creating a surgical guide are additional costs not advertised in the promotion. Therefore you will likely be disappointed when learning the $ 1500 implant promotion is inaccurate and probably includes merely one phase of the treatment. Therefore what is the reality of dental implants?

What Is Entailed in the Dental Implant Process?

When you contact any cosmetic dentistry facility for implant placement, you will likely be surprised when informed the entire process requires three to six months, depending on your jaw anatomy and whether you have sufficient jawbone. To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, a thorough exam and evaluation are essential from a qualified professional.

The dentist in Ballard, Seattle, confirms dental implants are suitable for most adults while teenagers must wait until their facial structure matures. Some medical conditions may affect the healing process increasing the chances of implant failure. As can be seen, getting dental implants is not guaranteed and costs money to determine your candidacy.

The Surgical Process for Implant Placement

If your candidacy is confirmed for teeth implants, you must undergo several steps before implant placement can even begin. If you have avoided endodontist treatment, fearing the root canal procedure, any abscessed teeth are extracted and either a bone graft placed into the site or a sinus lift performed. Implant placement proceeds only after these procedures are completed.

The Healing Process

As mentioned earlier, dental implants require three to six months to integrate with your jawbone. Then, you must undergo another surgery for abutment placement, requiring another week to recover. Finally, after you have healed from the abutment placement, it is time to attach the natural-looking artificial teeth over them.

As you can see, the dental implant process has many phases, the fees of which are not included in the advertised promotion. The dental implant procedure is time-consuming and entails extensive dental resources and materials besides laboratory fees. If you visit dentist 98107, you will receive a comprehensive estimate of the total costs of having dental implants in your mouth.

Some inexperienced dentists may try to rush through the procedure overlooking some essential requirements in their enthusiasm to give you dental implants at affordable prices. While you may have artificial teeth in your mouth with dental implants in a day, you will likely spend sufficient time with the emergency dentist in Seattle seeking treatments that you thought wouldn’t be required.

If you consider all the factors mentioned in this article, you will realize a single teeth implant can cost between $ 2500-$ 6000 depending on the location and specialty of a clinic. If you have multiple teeth missing, the costs can add up considerably.

Instead of considering online advertisements for affordable dental implants, you find it beneficial to visit the dentist in Ballard, Seattle, for a comprehensive assessment of your condition and inquire about the costs of a dental implant. If you find the prices beyond your budget, you can consider having dentures or dental bridges for the moment until you are economically better off to have dental implants in your mouth.

Online advertisements for dental implants are promoted by sellers of the devices and perhaps some inexperienced dentists looking to make a mark for themselves in the market. Therefore please exercise caution and understand the reality of dental implants before considering affordable teeth replacements.

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