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Can Diabetes Patients Have Dental Implants?

Can Diabetes Patients Have Dental Implants?

Jul 01, 2022

Tooth loss is a common problem affecting many adults in the US. Approximately 74 percent of adults have lost all their teeth. Unfortunately, many people losing their teeth are also affected by diabetes, making it challenging for them to seek replacement solutions like dental implants, considered the gold standard for replacing natural teeth.

What options do people with diabetes have after they confront the problem of tooth loss? Conventionally dentists offered dentures to such people, but advances in dentistry now make available dental implants for them after consultation.

If you have diabetes with loss of teeth, you can consider getting dental implants if you prepare yourself to confront more significant risks of implant failure than others. However, people with uncontrolled diabetes are advised against the dental implant procedure more than people with controlled diabetes who fare well with surgical procedures. Therefore, people with diabetes must have a comprehensive discussion with the dentist in Seattle to understand that implant failure rates in people with diabetes are relatively high.

Why Do People with Diabetes Confront Complications with Dental Implants?

People suffering from type I or type II diabetes require more time to heal from the wound of the implant surgery. Furthermore, diabetic patients are at a higher risk of infections. People with diabetes also confront problems with gum disease increasing the risk of dental implant failure tenfold. Furthermore, implant surgery can lead to other complications.

How Can People with Diabetes Overcome This Situation?

Advances and new research in implant placement surgical procedures now confirm people with diabetes have a higher rate of implant placement surgery success than believed earlier. In addition, the latest research confirms that people with controlled or uncontrolled diabetes have equal chances of succeeding with oral surgery in Seattle to have dental implants. Perhaps the only difference lies in the healing time needed by people with poorly controlled diabetes who need more time for recovery before they can have implant-supported dentures placed.

Currently, people with diabetes can consider any of the four types of implant placement procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry. However, proper consultation with the Seattle dentist and a discussion about the success rate and reasons for failure are better understood initially before considering a procedure to ensure they can achieve maximized results.

Implant Placement Procedures for Diabetic Patients

All on Four Dental Implants

The all-on-four dental implant procedure is most popular for people with diabetes, especially patients with complete loss of teeth from their upper or lower arch. Dental implants Ballard places four strategically positioned dental implants in the jaw to support an entire arch of teeth. The procedure doesn’t require bone grafting because it maximizes the existing jawbone. Eliminating the need for jawbone grafting ensures patients can recover quickly from the implant placement procedure. Therefore people with diabetes needing all their upper or lower teeth replaced are offered this ideal option because it enables them to have dental implants with minimum damage.

Mini Dental Implants

Diabetes patients with a single missing tooth can consider mini dental implants ideal for their situation. Unfortunately, mini dental implants are not a permanent solution because there is a need for ongoing repair and replacement, which might make their gums prone to infections.

Diabetics can consider using the bridge technique, which is an ideal short-term measure but exposes the adjacent teeth to the missing tooth decay, making them susceptible to needing dental work. Therefore the bridge technique is not suitable for diabetic patients.

Teeth in a Day

The teeth in a day process get diabetics new teeth in just one day. However, the Seattle dentist doesn’t recommend this procedure as ideal for people with diabetes because they need more time to heal to recover from one process before having another one.

People with diabetes and affected by tooth loss must consider getting dental implants seriously because they have an impaired immune system that doesn’t allow them to recover quickly from the placement procedure. However, if they need an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, they can discuss the all-on-four dental implant technique to have a complete set of stable dentures appearing and functioning like their natural teeth.

Diabetic patients with tooth loss no longer have to display a toothless grin because dentistry advances allow them to have dental implants in their mouths after undergoing consultation with their provider and understanding the risks of having them as diabetic patients.

Diabetic patients needing tooth replacement solutions with dental implants are recommended to contact Ballard Dentistry to determine whether they are suitable for dental implants. Patients can rest assured they will not be disappointed with their discussion.

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