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Pros of Tele Dentistry Technologies for Dentists and Patients

Pros of Tele Dentistry Technologies for Dentists and Patients

Jul 01, 2020

Tele-dentistry has become an integral part of oral health care today. It refers to the use of telehealth systems and advanced methodologies in dentistry to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services. Remember, telehealth is a collection of services to boost health and education delivery.

This technology is beneficial for those residing in rural areas mainly underprivileged children, the seniors, and those in nursing homes or other institutions. It is because they can use this digital system to get education and treatment about dental care remotely.

How Does Teledentistry Work?

Tele dentistry helps to deliver dental services to patients using telehealth systems and methodologies. It is also an affordable solution for patients to get in touch with dentists. With a recent outbreak of corona-virus, teledentistry is proved to be very useful. The patient can get dental care without physically visiting the dental office.

The patient can get better access to the specialists using this technology. By simply take the photo or make a video of their tooth, they can share it with the dentist from any location using teledentistry. The dentist will examine your tooth through that photo or video and prescribe medication until the time you heal and can physically visit the dentist.

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Virtual Dentist Advantages

Teledentistry has opened ways to new ideas, advancement, and improvement in the dental industry. It offers an opportunity for dental clinics, dental hygienists, and specialists to reap the perks without much effort. Below are the advantages for the dentists:

  • Dental professionals use teledentistry to save patients an unnecessary trip to the office. As you know, teledentistry provides access to a dentist to all persons who live in remote areas or those who cannot physically visit a dental office. It is beneficial for busy dentists, as they can help patients who have severe dental problems while being at their office.
  • Teledenitsry helps the dentists get free time for clinical work. Mild dental issues can be treated quickly without wasting the visiting time. The dentist can then focus on patients who need immediate attention with fewer patients waiting for treatment in the office.
  • The dentist can have a live video chat with the patient and discuss the problem in detail. It helps to monitor the patients from their home or dental office.
  • Teledentistry allows dentists to reach these under-privileged children at homes, schools, and community health programs and offer them excellent care, advice, and education.
  • It helps dental professionals reach out to more patients and get more revenue by having more practice.

Benefits of Teledentistry to Patients

Whether you have severe tooth pain or an abscess, teledentistry can help. Below are the benefits for the patients:

  • It improves access to patients living in remote areas and elderly people who cannot physically get to the dentist quickly. This helps them to get relief from pain, soreness, or another issue instantly.
  • It reduces the cost of treating the patient face to face. It means there is no need to buy valuable gloves, masks, supplies, or gowns.
  • Patients can get access to the remote guidance and education using mobile communication devices like cell phones, computers, tablets, and personal digital assistants.
  • During COVID-19, teledentistry helps patients to speak with a dentist without risking themselves to the virus by visiting a brick-and-mortar office.
  • It offers better access for disabled people and those with special needs. This helps their caregiver to schedule dental appointments when required.
  • Visting to the dentist can cause stress and fear in some patients. However, being able to speak with a skilled dentist in the comfort of the home offers a far more comfortable experience.

Many patients have minor dental issues that do not need face-to-face time with the dentist. However, teledentistry can help a lot. It offers an innovative way for the patients to access the care they require from the experts in the field of dentistry in the case of an emergency. It combines dentistry and telecommunication. Patients can have a live consultation with a dentist through a video conference. Discover the benefits today and see how it changes your life.

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