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Teeth Whitening for Teenagers: Is It Safe?

Teeth Whitening for Teenagers: Is It Safe?

Jun 01, 2021

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile, and teenagers are not an exception. Teenagers are forever inquiring about cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening strips in drugstores and supermarkets because teeth whitening has become a multibillion-dollar industry. As marketers begin promoting their products online and in drugstores in the form of DIY kits, teenagers wonder whether they too can have their teeth whitened using over-the-counter remedies or even consider getting a smile makeover from the Seattle family dentist.

The American Academy of General Dentistry recommends parents be aware of the risks associated with teeth whitening and learn about the best option to treat teenagers for teeth whitening under 18.

What Are the Risks Involved for Teenagers Seeking Teeth Whitening?

First of all, the teeth whitening bleaching gel can cause reparable harm to the oral health of the teenager. One significant risk of teeth whitening is shrinkage of the nerve root during the development of the permanent teeth throughout the teenage years. After the permanent teeth have entirely developed, the nerves grow in size, helping minimize tooth sensitivity. Therefore, using any whitening agent before setting the permanent tooth puts the teenager at risk of nerve damage caused by the bleaching gel.

The teenager’s tooth becomes brittle along with the nerves because of the higher concentration of the bleaching ingredient. The bleaching ingredients also cause pain and irritation to the gums. To prevent any potential damage to the gums, it is essential to reduce the bleaching chemicals on the gums. Teenagers who want teeth whitening can request custom-made bleaching trays from the Seattle family dentist to minimize contact between the gums and the bleaching ingredient and lessen the risks of irritation.

What Are the Options Available for Teenagers Considering Teeth Whitening?

Teenagers intent on getting their teeth whitened have two options before them. First, they can get a brighter smile by using over-the-counter DIY kits or professional-grade bleaching gels fitted by the dentist in Seattle, WA. Both options contain peroxide-based bleaching gels. The at-home trays from dentists or DIY kits contain three percent to 20 percent hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. In-office bleaching systems contain 15 to 43 percent hydrogen peroxide.

The longer the solution remains on the teeth, the whiter the teeth become. At the same time, teenagers must take care to ensure at-home trays with higher concentrations of bleaching gel do not remain on the teeth longer. Leaving the gel remaining on the teeth too long causes tooth dehydration and increased tooth sensitivity.

Teenagers can consider several over-the-counter options available for bleaching their teeth at home. The most popular include:

Teeth Whitening Strips and Gels: the whitening strips and gels are applied directly to the teeth using a brush or thin strip. These products need a couple of applications every day for about two weeks. Over-the-counter at-home kits are not customized for every patient. The one size fits all theory results in trays and strips not fitting correctly and causing severe irritation of the gums and sensitivity to the teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste: Removing surface stains with the help of mild abrasives in the job of every toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste has a unique chemical polishing agent providing other stain removing effectiveness. Some whitening toothpaste contains peroxide but does not provide any benefits because they aren’t left on the teeth long enough. In addition, whitening toothpaste is ineffective in removing intrinsic stains.

Customized Dental Health and Professional Strength Whitening Gels: the Seattle dentist provides at-home teeth whitening to patients over 16. The dentist meets the teenager with the parents to discuss the process. Customized whitening trays are made for the teenager to ensure the treatment is personalized and yields excellent results. Proper teeth whitening depends on using the bespoke whitening trays developed by a dentist for maximum effectiveness.

Dentists supply the teenager with professional-grade whitening gel teaching them how to use the product appropriately. Filling the whitening trays with gel is the only responsibility of the teenager besides wearing it for a specific period every day. As a result, the teenager can display a whiter smile in approximately two weeks, becoming self-confident and outgoing with people around them.

The Seattle dentist emphasizes teenagers not developing stains on their teeth at an early age and recommends the following self-care tips.

  • Daily brushing and flossing.
  • Avoiding soda, tea, coffee, and nicotine, primary culprits for staining teeth.
  • Teenagers favoring soda and coffee are recommended to use a straw to prevent discoloration.

Following the above tips helps teenagers avoid discoloration on their teeth and seek teeth whitening treatments earlier than expected.

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