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What Are the Uses of Botox in Dentistry?

What Are the Uses of Botox in Dentistry?

May 02, 2022

You have probably heard of botox if you live in the US. That is because botox has been the go-to treatment for those of you who might be looking for a safe and affordable way of reducing wrinkles that mostly develop as a result of aging. Recently, dentists have found a way of using botox to correct dental imperfections. Although Botox has other uses apart from dentistry, we will mainly focus on its dental benefits in this article.

What Is Botox

Botox is a medical drug made from botulin. It is commonly used in cosmetic procedures to treat muscular anomalies, excessive sweating, and temporarily remove wrinkles.

In dental procedures, botox is used to complement aesthetic dental procedures by correcting high lip-line cases, lip augmentation, gummy smiles, and periodontal diseases. Botulinum toxin comes in different variations ranging from A to G. Variations A and B are commonly used for cosmetic purposes.

Uses of Botox

Adjustment to New Dentures

Although pain and discomfort are common in patients fitted with new dentures, the experience could be unbearable for some. Newly fitted dentures can cause some strain on the gum and may require the dentist to make some adjustments to ease the pain. When you keep experiencing pain even after the adjustments, notify your dentist as soon as possible. They may prescribe botox treatment to relax your muscles and reduce the pain and discomfort.

Correcting High Lip Lines (Gummy Smile)

A high lip line is a condition where a lot of your gum is exposed when you smile. Many people find that unattractive and look for ways of reducing the level of gum visible when smiling. Before introducing botox dentistry, people were limited to surgical procedures to fix this anomaly. However, the operation was expensive and invasive. Since the introduction of botox dentistry, we can correct gummy smiles in less than 15 minutes and at an affordable price.

Fix Grinding Teeth

Some people tend to grind their teeth when sleeping. Not only could this make your teeth wear and tear at a faster rate, but it could also result in TMJ-related problems. Botox can relax temporomandibular joints and cause pain relief. When you experience pain in your mouth due to grinding your teeth, visit our dentist in Seattle for consultation.

Improve Your Smile

At Ballard Dentistry, we pride ourselves on offering the best cosmetic dentistry in Seattle. Our patients can resume their normal routines shortly after undergoing the dental procedure. The procedure is fast, minimally invasive, and leaves no physical scars after healing; thus, our patients can smile confidently.

Is Botox Safe?

The level of success achieved through botox treatment is owed to the extensive research and testing carried out by professionals over the years to ensure that it is safe. However, even though Botox has been proven safe, a few myths relating to botox treatment are very misleading. A few examples of myths that are commonly associated with botox are:

Only Has Cosmetic Benefits

Botox has a lot of benefits apart from cosmetic treatments. A few examples of its uses include treating migraines, TMJ-related conditions, excessive sweating, and muscle spasticity.

Does It Cause a Frozen Face?

Some people are misled to believe that they will have difficulties with facial movements when they opt for a botox injection; that is far from the truth. We usually follow up with our patients who have undergone dental procedures to ensure they are satisfied with their results. So far, none of our patients who have undergone dental botox has reported difficulties with facial movements. We advise you to visit a skilled dentist with years of experience for the best Botox in West Seattle.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Before treatment, your dentist will inject an anesthetic to numb the area. During this process, patients have reported experiencing small amounts of pain comparable to a pinch on the skin; this means the procedure is not as painful as people perceive.

Don’t be misled by the myths associated with botox treatment. The substance has undergone vigorous research and testing over the years before approval by the FDA to make sure it is safe. If you have any more questions concerning the procedure, our specialists will be happy to help. Visit us at 6830 Phelan Blvd, Beaumont, TX 77706 for the best cosmetic dentistry in Seattle.


Botox dentistry has enabled us to treat many dental imperfections fast and efficiently, without having to compromise on the quality of dental care. To achieve the best results for our patients, we have introduced many treatment options and work with your goals to ensure you are satisfied with the final results. We care for our patients. That’s why we are dental insurance friendly and have a family-friendly dental team, schedule an appointment with our dental office today.

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