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What You Can Do Today to Protect Your Child’s Smile for Tomorrow

What You Can Do Today to Protect Your Child’s Smile for Tomorrow

Oct 01, 2019

As a parent, you may have already started to take proactive measures to ensure that your child’s transition into adulthood is as successful as possible by setting money aside for a college fund.

Knowing that college will be funded will certainly put a smile on your face. But have you given consideration to the smile that your child will have when they are in college? Will it be one that they’ll be proud of? Will it be one that will open doors for them – not only while they’re in school – but when they’re establishing their career?

As one of the best dentists in Seattle, WA, we know that future planning is one of the most important things a loving parent can do for their child. That’s why Ballard Dentistry offers a whole host of dental procedures that you may have not even considered as a part of your child’s future.

Start the Protection When They Are as Young as Possible

You’ve probably already been helping your child adopt good oral health habits at home by showing them the proper way to brush their teeth when they were younger. You may have even spent time with them each day to make sure they followed through with the new healthy habit you showed them.

But you’re a busy parent, and monitoring your child’s morning and bedtime brushing habits may not always be possible in light of the other countless tasks that are demanding your attention.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that will not only ease your mind but slow down the constant questioning of “have you brushed your teeth?

The Benefits of Dental Sealants from a Dentist Near You

If you’re looking for a way to lessen your worry – and lessen your constant question asking – you may want to consider a dental sealant for kids in Seattle, WA, from a family dental practice such as Ballard Dentistry.

The procedure is not only quick and pain-free, but the American Dental Association endorses dental sealants as a preventive dentistry procedure since they’ve been proven to reduce the risk of tooth decay by nearly 80 percent.

Since tooth decay is the number one enemy in childhood dentistry – often resulting in enormous expense to correct — making an appointment for a dental sealant treatment for your child can easily be viewed as having more money in years to come to deposit into their college fund!

As mentioned, the procedure is quick and pain-free. Most dentists can perform the treatment for tooth sealants in Seattle, WA, at the same time your child is in their office for a routine dental exam of professional teeth cleaning.

One final note about dental sealants. Because the procedure is so helpful in reducing the risk of dental decay in patients of all ages, many parents are also choosing this treatment as a way to protect the health of their teeth, as well!

If you’d like to take advantage of the amazing health benefits and cost-savings benefits of

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