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Clear Correct

Looking for a Secret Smile Solution? Consider Clear Correct With Ballard Dentistry

Do you sometimes find yourself looking in the mirror wishing there was a way to straighten your teeth without having to wear cumbersome, old-fashioned metal braces? As an adult, you know how important a winning smile is to your self-confidence and the ease of doors opening for you professionally and personally, too! Here’s some good news: It’s not too late! Keep reading to learn how Ballard Dentistry can help perfect your smile – and the smiles of your entire family – with the ease of Clear Correct dental aligners!

Why Clear Correct Aligners Is The Treatment Method of Choice

Unlike old-school metal braces that had to be worn 24/7, Clear Correct aligners are virtually transparent in their physical appearance, and they can be easily removed throughout the day when needed. This means that no one will have to know about your aligner treatment in Seattle unless you want them to! Do you have an important meeting to attend? Simply remove your aligners! Do you have a family reunion or a class reunion looming on the horizon? An appointment at Ballard Dentistry now will do double duty. First, it will start the process for a straighter smile; and second, because your treatment will be with Clear Correct, you’ll be able to remove your aligners for the important event!

At Ballard Dentistry We Can Provide Your Teenager With A Winning Smile Too!

As one of Seattle’s premier family dental practices, our staff can treat your adult smile as well as the smiles of your children. If you want to save your teenager from looking in the mirror as an adult and wishing they had straighter teeth, we can treat them with a version of Clear Correct aligners, known as Clear Correct Teen, that have been specially developed for their emerging smiles. And with our convenient family block appointment bookings, you won’t need to drive to two separate dental offices in Seattle to treat your adult smile and your teen’s smile individually! How’s that for a time-saving convenience?

Treatment Times May Be Faster Than You Imagine

Treatment times for both Clear Correct and Clear Correct Teen in Seattle, WA, will vary depending on the amount of straightening that is desired. The quickest way to learn how fast Ballard Dentistry can help you and your family members achieve the smile of their dreams is to make an appointment right now using our online booking tool.

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