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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry In Seattle

Because there are so many things that can be done to improve the appearance of a person’s smile, at Ballard Dentistry, we offer an extensive range of services from regular teeth whitening to trailblazing dental implants.

The first step to any smile revamp is an in-depth dental examination to determine whether cosmetic problems are truly just that and not signs of more serious dental problems. Once your dentist determines that your teeth are healthy, your smile can be cosmetically improved in a multitude of ways.

Examples Of Cosmetic Dentistry:

  • Cosmetic Bonding to repair chipped, cracked, or poorly shaped teeth. It takes only half an hour to an hour per tooth.
  • Crowns, also called caps, fit over or replace a decayed or damaged tooth. It can keep a weak tooth from breaking or falling apart. There are several material options for crowns and bridgework.
  • Dental Implants replace tooth roots directly into the bone socket of the missing tooth. As the jaw heals, the jaw bone grows around the metal implant and provides the grounding for a replacement.
  • Dental Veneers are thin, customized shells of porcelain or resin that cover the front surface of teeth. The dentist removes a tiny amount of enamel from the tooth’s surface to make space for the veneers. The veneers are then bonded to the front of the tooth. This can be done to even out the color, shape, and size of the teeth.
  • Inlays and Onlays are used to fill decayed or damaged teeth. There are several material options for inlays and onlays. They preserve as much of the healthy tooth as possible and are an alternative to crowns. Ask your dentist about which is best for you.
  • Teeth Whitening is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve and brighten your smile. Teeth can be bleached at the dental office or by using an at-home kit provided by Ballard Dentistry in Seattle.

Visiting The Dentist

Preventative care is the most effective and least expensive way to care for teeth. Regularly visiting the dentist is crucial to preventing or detecting oral health problems. It is recommended that you visit the dentist in Seattle once or twice a year. If you feel that something is missing or lacking in your smile, consult your dentist about fixing that issue. Your happiness and smiles are important to us at Ballard Dentistry!

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