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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays Reveal Exact Details

You may not realize it, but getting dental x-rays is as important to your oral health as other forms of preventative dentistry such as professional teeth cleaning.

Why Dental X-Rays Should Be A Part Of Your Annual Oral Health Care Appointment

Even if you are very diligent with your at-home dental care like brushing, flossing, and using a good quality fluoride rinse, there are things in your mouth that you are unable to see that could pose health risks if not treated promptly. A few examples include decay that cannot yet be seen with a naked eye and impacted or cracked teeth.

Digital X-Rays Are A Simple Once-A-Year Procedure That Help Protect Your Smile

Even though the term “x-ray” may conjure up thoughts of a complicated procedure, dental x-rays are very simple to perform. Digital x-rays contain the the lowest exposure levels of radiation. The payoff of early detection of dental concerns is viewed as an asset to the minimal level of exposure – especially when you factor in the lead that’s placed over your body for added protection.

Types Of Dental X-Rays Performed

Annually, several different types of digital x-rays may be taken unless there’s a particular problem that you and your dentist want to take a close look at. The traditional set of annual dental images include bitewing, occlusal, panoramic, and/or periapical. Even though some of these terms may sound unfamiliar to you, you can rest assured that they will cover all views of your mouth, teeth, and jaw, a full view can be seen.

Searching For A One-Stop Dental Shop Near You?

As a leading dentist in Seattle who specializes in providing complete dental care for the entire family, Ballard Dentistry is equipped with the latest technology – including pain-free digital x-rays – to treat patients of all ages. If it’s been more than a year since you or a family member have had a dental exam that included dental imaging, we invite you to make your appointment with our dental care team today.
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