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Exams & Cleanings

Exams & Cleanings in Seattle, WA

Your dentist’s goal is to preserve your oral health, so patients shouldn’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a Ballard Dentistry professional. In our clinic, we provide exams as well as dental cleanings to ensure that patients have a healthy and clean mouth.

Dental Exams From A Professional

When you visit a dentist to get a professional dental exam, your teeth will be examined using several tools. Your dentist may recommend an x-ray to spot any structural issues and assess the health and positioning of your teeth. The gums will also be assessed to make sure that they are healthy and stable. Gum disease and other issues can be monitored and prevented.

The Benefits Of A Professional Cleaning

There are many reasons that patients should visit their Seattle dentist on a more regular basis. Having a beautiful smile is simply only part of it – your oral health could be significantly improved by making more time for the dentist. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can look forward to when you see your dentist more often.

A Cleaner Mouth

Your mouth could be a lot cleaner by visiting a Ballard Dentistry professional near you. The tools used in the office are designed to clean teeth precisely, leaving no trace of bacteria or plaque behind. Even areas that are difficult to reach can be thoroughly brushed by the equipment in our office.

Prevent Oral Health Issues

Many patients do not consider how many oral health issues they could have avoided by visiting their dentist more often. By getting a cleaning, your dentist can pinpoint oral health issues and provide early treatment before your oral health worsens. This reduces the need for invasive oral health procedures.

Fresher Breath

By getting professional cleanings, all of the bacteria that cause bad breath are removed from the mouth. Your teeth will be polished, and the gums will be thoroughly cleaned, giving you minty-fresh breath. This is essential for individuals that are concerned about the smell of their breath and improving their oral health.

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