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Answers To Common Questions About Dental Extractions

As an adult, chances are that you are more familiar with the process of having a tooth extracted than children might be. Even so, the caring staff at Ballard Dentistry know that the extraction process can still be scary for anyone. We also know that not having answers to questions about the extraction process can add even more anxiety. That’s why we provide the following answers to the questions we are most commonly asked in our centrally located Seattle family dentist office.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Reasons Why A Patient May Need A Tooth Extracted?

Every patient will have a different set of circumstances that can only be determined through a dental exam from a dentist near you in Seattle, but the most common reasons we see in our family practice include teeth that are too crowded in younger patients preparing for braces, or teeth that are no longer being supported by the jaw bone due to advanced gum disease in older patients.

Two other reasons that are relatively common include the removal of wisdom teeth (which is referred to as surgical tooth extraction), or the removal of a tooth that has become so damaged from decay or trauma that it cannot be restored by using a dental crown (sometimes referred to as a dental cap).

What Are The Signs That Help A Dentist Determine Whether Or Not A Tooth Needs To Be Pulled?

The answer to this question will vary from patient to patient, but for the most part, there are three things that a dentist will use as a guideline in determining the need for a tooth extraction in Seattle – overcrowding (sometimes known as impaction), damage, and infection.

Will Getting An Extraction Cause Me To Miss School Or Work?

Generally, a simple extraction process will only require a few hours of healing time after the procedure. But if a more complicated surgical extraction needs to be performed, the healing time can take between 24-48 hours before patients should resume their normal activities.

My Gums Are Bleeding When I Brush My Teeth – Does That Mean I Have A Loose Tooth?

It could. However, one of the most common reasons for bleeding gums is that you’re past due for a professional teeth cleaning in Seattle. The quickest way to determine the exact cause of your bleeding gums is to schedule an exam with us. That will also be a good opportunity for you to ask any additional questions that have not been answered here.

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