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Family Dentistry

Why Visiting A Family Dentist May Benefit You

No one likes having to change their professional dental care provider because their lifestyle changed. That’s why aligning yourself with a family dentist in Seattle makes sense even if you’re currently single in the city. Some of the procedures that are important to you today can also be provided to treat pediatric and teenage dental concerns when they are needed.

How Ballard Dentistry Can Help

Our family-friendly, multi-specialty dental practice in Seattle is experienced in all types of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. That means we can help patients of all ages, whether it’s for general dental exams and routine cleaning, or more advanced treatment like dental crowns and wisdom teeth extraction. While some of these procedures are most commonly associated with certain age groups, the truth is that patients of all ages may require specialized care at some point in their life – and Ballard Dentistry is experienced and equipped to do just that!

Patients tell us every day how much they value being able to have one location for all of their dental needs. A recent example is a mother who brought in her son for a mouth guard that was needed for soccer practice. While here, she was able to see our dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning. As a busy mother, she really appreciated not having to run to two separate places on her afternoon off to take care of two very important oral healthcare needs.

As mentioned, time is a valuable commodity. No one likes running all around town, being caught in traffic, or running late for appointments. But at Ballard Dentistry, family appointment blocks are always available to keep these hassles from happening. Call our office now to learn more.

Ballard Dentistry’s Commitment to Your Family

There is nothing more important to the dental care team at Ballard Dentistry than helping families in Seattle preserve their smiles for a lifetime! We will do everything possible so you and your family can achieve the healthy and confident smiles they deserve. Whether you are single, or a recent transplant to the Seattle area, we know the highest measurement of our professional success is based on the satisfaction of every patient we see – whether you’re single or part of a wonderful Seattle family!

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