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Night Guards

Choose Professional Night Guards For Proven Performance

If you’ve been looking online for over-the-counter night guards to help treat your teeth grinding, you may have noticed that there are a few options available. And while some of these options could help very mild cases of bruxism, there is no better substitute for proven treatment than a professional night guard from a dentist near you in Seattle like Ballard Dentistry. Keep reading to learn how you can save money in the long-run with professional treatment for teeth grinding.

Wondering If You Are Grinding Your Teeth?

A few of the most common symptoms that patients will first notice are increased tooth sensitivity, dull headaches, damage to the inside of their cheeks from the tissue being caught between their jaws while grinding, and sore jaw muscles upon awakening. Since some of these symptoms could also be a signal that something other than bruxism is at play, it’s recommended that you not self-diagnose and spend unnecessary money on over-the-counter guards.

Night Guards From Ballard Dentistry Are Custom Fit

Unlike over-the-counter products that are prone towards over-promising and under-delivering with a one-size-fits-all solution, custom night guards from Ballard Dentistry are designed to fit your mouth and your teeth, which means they will treat your exact bruxism diagnosis. Just like a professional athlete will only use a custom-made mouth guard to protect their teeth because they want superior performance; the same is true when it comes to night guards.

Protect Your Teeth While You Sleep

You may be able to control grinding your teeth while you’re awake by using deep breathing techniques or other relaxation methods, but you lose control of doing that while you’re asleep. Rather than having that loss of control, why not take action to protect the health of your bite by using a custom-made night guard to ensure around-the-clock treatment?

The Fallout Of Unprotected Teeth

The complications from inadequately treated bruxism could be more than you know. When undertreated, tooth grinding can lead to the need for future dental restorations such as dental crowns or dental implants – both of which are costlier than using a custom night guard. If budget considerations, time considerations, and smile preservation are important to you in the long-run, we highly recommend not taking any short-cuts with over-the-counter night guards. Instead, make an appointment with Ballard Dentistry using our easy online appointment tool and avoid the fallout of untreated bruxism starting today!

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