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Root Canals

Root Canals in Seattle, WA

Ballard Dentistry has found that many people fear undergoing root canals in Seattle. But we at Ballard Dentistry are here to comfort you. Undergoing a root canal can help save your tooth from decay and infection, limiting pain, damage, and swelling.

What Is A Root Canal?

What we call a “root canal” is referred to as a pulpectomy by dentists. It is the treatment that cures the infected root canal, which is also called pulpitis. When bacteria or infection enters the soft, connective tissue in the root canal, it can cause swelling, pressure, and toothache. Pulpitis can be caused by cavities, tooth decay, or injury. The more common symptoms of pulpitis are inflammation, temperature sensitivity, and sensitivity to sweet food. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to search for a dentist near you.

During a root canal procedure, or pulpectomy, the damaged root canal is removed, and the inside of the tooth is then cleaned and sealed.

Is A Root Canal Painful?

Nowadays, a root canal is no more painful than any other dental procedure. The tooth is anesthetized before the extraction, cleaning, and sealing.

What Is The Recovery Period?

If you are worried about missing work or school, don’t be. While undergoing a root canal can cause mild pain and discomfort, most people can return to work or school on the same day with the aid of over-the-counter pain medications such as Tylenol or Advil. It is best to ask your doctor for their recommendations and listen to the after-care instructions he or she gives you. The only things you might miss out on immediately after a root canal are a hot meal, soda, and drinking through a straw.

Finding The Best Treatment For You

Ballard Dentistry provides comforting, comprehensive dental care for you and all your family. We happily treat root canal in Seattle and surrounding areas. Contact Ballard Dentistry today at 425-736-3631 to schedule a consultation with a caring dentist in Seattle.

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